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Co. Ltd., established in 1999 is a distributor in Poland of highly innovative medical devices for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes for hospital care. The roots, tradition and expertise of EUMed go back to the early 1990s.

’s main objective is to distribute in Poland state of the art medical devices, launch new medical innovative and cost-effective techniques, educate and train Polish physicians and surgeons, organising scientific conferences and symposia, as well as, to build long term personal and scientific relationship with Polish clinicians.

’s capability is to carefully identify and evaluate new technologies and innovative ideas originating from medical industry located mostly in European Union countries and USA.

’s strength is to bring efficiently and expeditiously a variety of new products to Polish market, by combining its internal resources (over three decades of expertize in distributing medical devices on public and private healthcare market, marketing, regulatory affairs, long term relationship with local KOL’s and healthcare administration) with complementary European- and worldwide collaborations (leading medical centres, scientists, experts, universities, industrial groups).

’s achievements to date include the launching of innovative products based on a wide variety of technologies. All such products are industrialized in close collaboration with major production organizations, patented in numerous countries and quite often are unique on the Polish medical market. We also support Polish patients with medical evidence in order to achieve reimbursement of hospital and home care procedures. Our company launched in Poland numerous innovative medical devices and techniques e.g. the voice prosthesis for laryngectomized patients, high-frequency jet ventilation, Balloon Sinuplasty® for minimally invasive treatment of chronic sinusitis, Laryngeal Tubes™, RobOtol®, Albio™, Clarity RMS™, SinoJect®, Radiesse®, Renú® Voice and many others.

’s current portfolio includes the following types of medical devices: 

Disposable medical devices: for anaesthesiology, intensive care, emergency medicine, large variety of devices for ENT, urology, interventional radiology and cardiology, haemodialysis catheters, surgical treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea diagnosis, as well as, sterile surgical packs.

Reusable medical devices: Flex® Robotic Systems, RobOtol® Otology robotic system, Monsoon High-Frequency Jet Ventilators, Digital and Analogue Tourniquets, Mectron piezosurgery devices, Coblation system for ENT Radiofrequency low-temperature surgery used also in the surgical treatment of snoring. ApneaGraph sleep disorders and sleep apnea diagnosis, DizzyFix (home medical device available to assist in the treatment of 
Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo [BPPV] and its associated vertigo), EMDA (Electromotive Drug Administration for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer), reusable silicone tubing and connectors. 

is open for new challenges and changes in the medical market in Poland and abroad. Our highly qualified sales team is ready to bring new developments and technologies in medical devices to Polish patients and clinicians.




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